Answers to your frequently asked questions

  • What is the cost of your property management services?

    Why pay more? Our Leasing Fee is equal to the first month's rent, and our management fee starts at $75/mo.
  • How does your company advertise rental properties?

    We use visible signage at the property and post available rentals not only to our website and social media, but to over 100+ syndicated Real Estate websites online, including, Zillow, Trulia, and more! Potential tenants can apply online in about 5 minutes. Our state of the art technology and integrated website allows us to post to multiple marketing sites with just one click, ensuring that we are working smarter and more efficiently than most of our competition. We also have a large community of real estate agents that trust our services and refer potential tenants to our company on a regular basis!
  • How do you pay owners once rent is received?

    Full Scope is responsible for collecting the rent from the tenants. Rent is due from the tenant on the 1st day of each month. When rent is collected we will deduct the management fee, and then send you your funds via ACH direct deposit on the 10th of each month.
  • Do you have a set-up, onboarding, or marketing fee? Are there any other hidden fees?

    NO! While many of our competitors due charge the fees listed above, we do not, and properly disclose all of our fees up-front in writing via the management agreement.
  • How long of a lease is typical?

    We search for a 12+ month lease, unless requested differently from the owner.
  • Do you inspect the property?

    Thorough move-in and move-out inspections are documented along with numerous photos. Full Scope also conducts a mid lease inspection half-way through the contract duration. Inspections are available throughout the year upon request (one additional for free, and $100 per inspection outside of those three).
  • How does the security deposit work?

    The security deposit is paid by the tenant (usually equal to one month’s rent) and is held in our state-audited brokers trust account for the duration of the lease. This deposit can be used as collateral if the tenant damages the property, fails to pay rent, or fails to comply with other terms and conditions in the lease.
  • How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

    Our software allows tenants to log into their portal and enter a maintenance request 24/7 which sends a notification to our staff immediately. You may receive an email notification that a work order has been submitted and asked to be on standby in case we need your approval or input. We require all vendors to receive approval on any work that exceeds $300. We make every effort to troubleshoot any issues that arise by asking for details of the maintenance request including pictures if necessary. In cases of emergency our maintenance staff is ready to dispatch the appropriate vendor and notify you accordingly. Our vendors are professional, licensed, insured and are prepared to handle any issue that arises. Due to the volume of business we send vendors, we are able to negotiate the best rates to ensure you get the best pricing possible!
  • Are you licensed Realtors?

    Yes! We are Missouri Licensed Realtors, Members of the National Association of Realtors, as well as the St. Louis Association of Realtors.
  • How does your company qualify and approve a potential tenant?

    Once an application is received we thoroughly review all the aspects, making sure that the applicant has initially provided and compiled with our basic requirements. We then pull a credit and criminal background check, eviction and rental history report, and verify employment and income. We have contingencies in place for applicants who don’t meet our minimum requirements to ensure we are compliant with all the national and state laws while continuing to protect your best interests as an owner.

    In addition, we stand behind the tenant we place. When we place a tenant for you, we'll guarantee them for 12 months. That means if they get evicted or break their lease early, we'll place another one for FREE!

  • How do you handle utilities?

    Unless otherwise stated in your Management Agreement or restricted by property limitations, all utilities used at the property are paid for by the tenant. New tenants are advised to notify the appropriate utility companies to have service turned on in their name prior to occupying the property. During periods of vacancy, utilities are maintained in the owner’s name.
  • How are maintenance expenses handled?

    Every effort is made to control the cost of maintenance needed for a property while maintaining its value. Tenants are required to notify our office of any and all issues that may arise with the property even if they are at fault. If it is a repair that’s clearly the tenant’s fault, we will charge the tenant. If they fail to pay, then it will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.

    If the estimated cost of repairs exceeds the maximum allowed in your management agreement one of our staff will call you for approval to move forward with the repairs with the exception of an emergency. We make every effort to keep you in the loop of any maintenance requests that come through our office. We ask that owners pay a $300 maintenance reserve upon the signing of the management agreement. We use this maintenance reserve to pay for repairs when they arise.

  • Who’s responsible for lawn care, snow removal, cleaning the gutters, sprinkler system, etc?

    According to the lease we use, these are all responsibilities of the Tenant. However, the owner does reserve the right to perform these tasks themselves or have us contract the work. This is common if you want to control the quality of the maintenance.
  • After the property is leased, do I have access to an online account?

    Yes you do! Owners can log in at any time via the “Owner Portal” to download copies of their management agreement, leases, account statements, and all other paperwork. Owners can also view all maintenance requests from tenants to approve/decline, and communicate with management staff.